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Malionne Hair Clips

Styling with hair clips has always been the easiest way tohelps flyaway stay in place, while effortlessly adding a little boost to a boring everyday hairstyle.

1. Emily in Paris: This style is great for clipping back bangs or using multiple to clips to help frame the face & make your outfit stand out.
2. Behind the ear: An elegant style that is perfect for dates or special occasions where you don't want hair in your face!
3. Low chic bun: Clipping above the bun gives some added texture to a solid hair color. We don't recommend the look of clipping under high buns.
4. Low pony: One of the chicest ways to wear an updo, where you have a slight cheekiness of a school girl, but the clips helps it look more sophisticated.

Malionne Foulchies

In French "le foulard" means scarf, so the French coined the term "Foulchie" meaning scarf scrunchies. At Malionne, we make some of our scarf styles extra long to mimic hair length, plus the bonus of being able to braid or turn it into an alternate hairstyle.

1. Top French Braid: Simple fishtail braid going down the middle of the hair line with the "foulchie" tied as a half updo.
2. Side French Braid: Tying two sides of any braid of your choice together for a half updo.
3. Braided French-Do: Our favorite. You twist the scarf into your ponytail & then clip it up for a Rey from Star Wars look.
4. Low Bun: Braid the scarf into your hair then twist it into a bun.
5. Hair Wrap: Tie both sides of the scarf as a knot on the top of your head to mimic a turban.
6. Space Pony: Well, any kind of ponytail, really, but we've be loving the elastic on each section of the ponytail & poofing it into a ball. Then completing the look with a "foulchie" on the ponytail.

Malionne ChouChous

ChouChou in French means "puff" or Scrunchie. The scrunchies are some of the French woman's favorite hair accessory because of the versatility.

1. Low Bun: Hold your hair in a ring & tie the scrunchie around.
2. Half Low Bun: Hold half of your hair up to ear length in a ring & tie your scrunchie onto it.
3. Pigtails: Two scrunchies, one for each side of your hair!
4. Messy Bun: Many ways to do this, but we like using our fingers to pull strands out after putting it into a loose bun.
5. Space Buns: Two puffs of your hair on the top of each side of your head!
6. Top Half Ponytail: Grab half sections of your hair up to the top of your head & secure with our scrunchie
7. Ponytail: If you don't know how to do a ponytail, we're worried for you.
8. Low Messy Bun: Same technique as the messy bun, but below your ear level.
9. Top Half Bun: Copy the half low bun, but place in an upward position!

Malionne Turbans

Styling with hair clips has always been the easiest way tohelp flyaways stay in place, while effortlessly adding a little boost to a boring everyday hairstyle.

1. Complete Headwrap: Our turbans are made so you can easily pull out the extra fabric to cover the top of your head like a regular turban!
2. Under the ears: A bohemian look that helps cover disheveled or unkempt hair. Pull the turban over your ears like you didn't just get out of bed with your hair a mess.
3. Hair on top: A 90's style trend that is making it's comeback! You pull the turban down to your neck, then back up so that your hair is over it. You'll look like the workout barbie.
4. Top Braid: A lot of French women wear this style because it looks timeless & is a more elegant way to wear a turban. Braid your hair & put the turban on to help add some color.
5. Top Bun: This look is more of an athletic or clean look, either tie a messy/top bun, or into a ponytail & then the turban goes over your head.

Malionne Scarf Headbands

We created a brand new copyrighted style of headbands that will securely stay in your hair all day with scarf draping.

1. Low bow: Place the headband on & tie a bow under your head.
2. Under bun bow: Use the scarf part of our headband to wrap around your bun & secure it with a bow.
3. 60's headwrap: One of our favorite styles inspired by Audrey Hepburn, wear the headband with the scarf loosely tied over the shoulder.
4. Half Pony: Use the scarf portion of the headband to wrap around your half updo ponytail.
5. Top Knot: Tie a fun knot over the top of your head.
6. Low Pony: Tie a knot around your ponytail with the scarf.
7. Under low bun: Tie a little knot using the scarf around the bottom of a low bun.
8. Braided: What made our scarf headbands go viral was wearing the headband & braiding the scarf into your braids.
9. Head bow: Tie a fun bow over the top of your head for a whimsical look.

Malionne Bandanas

Our bandanas are unique to other brands because we have a copyrighted elastic that holds the bandana in place so you can create alternate looks with the scarf.

1. Place it on: Put the bandana over your head.
2. Put elastic under: Grab your hair from the middle between the bandana & elastic to loop the elastic under your head.
3. Tie tails: Tie the scarf portion under your head of hair.
4. Style it: You can also leave the scarf portion untied, or either knot them on one side.
5. Under bun: Tie a knot under your low bun hairstyle.
6. Braided in: Braid the scarf portion into your hair, the elastic will hold the bandana in place all day.
7. Low pony: Wrap the scarf around your ponytail & tie a knot for a modern take on the bandana trend.
8. Low bow: A unique new way to tie the scarf into your bun creating a braided & knotted bun effect.

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