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Malionne is created around the strongest F words: Fierce & Fearless Females. We want to use our products to promote individuality since different hairstyles showcase alternate personas. Hair accessorizing has multiple signified meanings across the globe, and we are here to help you find YOUR hair story and be a one-stop-shop for personal hair styling needs.

Malionne pronounced Mah-le-òn, was founded by Verona because of her husband's nickname for her “my lioness” (which in french is Ma Lionne). We are a brand that focuses on helping everyone find their flair by exploring each personality through accessorizing. With our personal style guides and how-tos, hair accessories can alter an appearance from a regular attire to a stylish fashion mogul for all ages!


Malionne is French-inspired because Verona's great grandparents immigrated from France to Scotland in the 1840s. Her heritage and dancing ballet, helped bring a lot of the Malionne visions to life.


Malionne also donates 5% of all profits to help animal shelters that have a high rate of euthanasia. The goal is to help domesticated household pets become more adoptable. Our brand mission is to represent the importance of using platforms to better the world. By extending the message of love and compassion, we want to empower all of you. Come join our ever-growing family, and become a fierce and fearless lioness of Malionne.

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