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By Angela Lei

Founded by Verona Marie around the three Fs — Fierce & Fearless Females — Malionne is a hair accessories label dedicated to exploring each personality through accessorizing and using its platform to inspire all and to make the world a better place. The Tiffany Veil bow is simple yet sweet, and will add a flare of innocent fun to any summer outfits.

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A comb that actually looks good enough to act as chic home decor? Into it! This colorful comb would look so pretty sitting out on her vanity.

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Women's Heath Magazine

By Neha Tandon

A silk sleep mask? Oooh, the luxury! All moms deserve the finer things in life, even if they don't admit it. And this one takes beauty sleep to the next level with an adorable heart-eye design.

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By Stephanie Saltzman

16 ways to wear claw clips. The lazy person's shortcut to good hair. They're cute, they're gentle on strands and they make you look like you actually tried (even when you didn't).

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The Hollywood Times


Wedding season is right around the corner and this season will be as busy as ever. Whether it’s an intimate backyard gathering or a sophisticated soirée with a never ending guest list, brides and bridesmaids can count on the Parisian-made hair accessories atelier MALIONNE for their hair accessory needs.

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Fashion 360 Magazine

By Ally Rumell

It’s time for hair accessories!

Malionne is a French-inspired hair accessories brand that has some of the cutest, most budget-friendly accessories seen for hair. Their green braided headband is the stand-out piece of the collection, created in partnership with influencer Taylor LaShae. Some influencers who have raved about the brand include the Disney star Raven Daria and Kenny Screven.

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Styled for Malionne

Jess Wharehinga x Cotton Candy

Creative Director: The
Antistudio & Aniqua Toquero
Photographer: Jess Wharehinga
Hair Stylist: Alkemi
Makeup: Loren Sadik
Model: Aniqua Toquero

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By Cecilia Federico

The Modern Royalty Collection was made as an ode to the beautifully filmed Bridgerton Series. The custom-made jacquard designs & patterns recreate a beautiful look for Modern Royalty.

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